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If you did not re-register your Bulgarian company
by the 31 December 2011
you now risk losing your
property and will face a
hefty bill for the liquidation
of your company.

Your Bulgarian company accounts must be audited each year. For advice on preparing accounts,
click here.
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After-sales services from Homes in Bulgaria...

Geshaview village in Bulgaria
Geshaview - the eco-friendly holiday village and rural retreat in Bulgaria
apartments 2 bed townhouses 3 bed townhouses 3 bed mews cottage 3 bed detached house cottage homes
from €100,000
2 bed townhouses
from €140,000
3 bed townhouses
from €182,000
Mews cottages
from €166,000
3 bed farmhouses
from €261,000
Cottage homes
from €128,000

For details on each of the properties click on the images above,
or for more information about the Geshaview village click here.
Mortgages are now available - click here for details

Property in BulgariaWe can keep your garden tidy...

Property maintenance in Bulgaria...carry out repairs and maintenance...

Building a swimming pool in Bulgaria...and add a swimming pool!

Control and management of all the building / repairs of your property or properties including planning, extensions, new builds and swimming pool construction etc etc.

Buying your property in Bulgaria wisely is just the start of a healthy investment. Having your property maintained and kept secure is of great importance - the day-to-day costs of owning a property in Bulgaria start once you have signed the final contract.

You need to insure the premises, pay the local government service fees and taxes when they are due, and ensure your property is secure when you are not there.

Then there is the problem of repairs and maintenance, especially if you are undertaking a renovation project.

We have a range of services to assist you and the following points are a guide to help you understand the main responsibilities of property ownership in Bulgaria.

Company Care Auditing
If you have formed a company to own the land your property stands on you will need to prepare annual audited accounts in order to comply with the regulations under Bulgarian law.

Property Insurance
It is your responsibility to take out adequate insurance.

Service Payments
We can arrange to make the payments of your local government fees and taxes when they are due.

Home Care Maintenance
Key holding/lock changing
For insurance and security we strongly recommend changing all locks on the property. Nominating a named keyholder in Bulgaria is a requirement for insurance purposes and will also be essential if you wish to use the Home Care Maintenance programme.

We provide three levels of service:
Bronze Level
We will visit and check your property 4 times a year and notify you if we find any problems.

Silver Level
We will visit your property every six weeks and check a list of 20 points for safety and security, and notify you of any problems.

Gold Level
We will visit your property every 4 weeks, take photographs, check a list of 20 points for safety and security. We proactively sort any immediate problems, notify you and take instructions to rectify. We will also give you a pre-season weather / property checklist of essential, preventative actions.

Build Care Management (B.C.M.)
Control of building works is an essential but often overlooked aspect of a successful project.
If you are planning a complete renovation project or a new build you will need a full understanding of the necessity for the correct paperwork to be prepared.
We can organise a detailed control and reporting service.
A typical B.C.M. would include management of all preliminary drawings, plans and specifications. Contact in the U.K. to discuss the details and build/repair costs. Clarifying the specifications of finishing, and if required, furniture and fixtures. Creating a full progress report with pictorial evidence (see Build Care Management panel below).
Management of all paperworks and payments and 'signing off' of the completed works.

We can also organise a Property Investment Feasibility Survey (P.I.F.S.) or a full structural survey.

For more information on our Build Care Management service please click here to visit our Property Development page.

Holiday Lettings/Rental Income
If you are considering letting out your home in Bulgaria then you may wish to use the services of www.HolidaysinBulgaria.com.
Due for launch in 2006 this website and its associated services will enable you to promote your property FREE on the World Wide Web and also offers you a full management service.

Property Re-sale
If you want to re-sell your property in the future then finding a customer is part of the service (we probably have a potential buyer waiting).

Visas / Taxes
We can provide information and guidance on the correct procedure for visa applications and residency permits.

New Investment Properties and Developments
There are many opportunities for the high level investor in special development projects.

For information on our After Sales Services please complete the Information Request Form below.

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