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Bulgaria... waiting to be discovered

Geshaview village in Bulgaria
Geshaview - the eco-friendly holiday village and rural retreat in Bulgaria
apartments 2 bed townhouses 3 bed townhouses 3 bed mews cottage 3 bed detached house cottage homes
from €100,000
2 bed townhouses
from €140,000
3 bed townhouses
from €182,000
Mews cottages
from €166,000
3 bed farmhouses
from €261,000
Cottage homes
from €128,000

For details on each of the properties click on the images above,
or for more information about the Geshaview village click here.
Mortgages are now available - click here for details

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Climate Politics Schools Starting a business
Cost of living Currency Taxation Visa information

Map of EuropeTucked away in the corner of south east Europe, Bulgaria is only a two and a half hour car drive from the gateway to the Orient.

The tranquility of the preserved environment of the mountain region offers untapped health & wealth and is an ideal location for your Property in Bulgaria.

With over 13 centuries of history preserved in its small village communities, Bulgaria is emerging to be one of the most attractive destinations if you want to escape the stress of south east England’s lifestyle to have a property in Varna or a property by the Black Sea.

If it’s a value for money “getaway break”, a health seeking peaceful holiday, or a long term investment in a property in Bulgaria to relax and retire to, Bulgaria is the place to visit.

• Bulgaria captures a unique ecological advantage.

• Only two and a half hours flight time from a choice of local airports.

• An experience not to be missed.

• A holiday Property in Bulgaria for you and the family or a retirement retreat by Varna and the Black Sea.

• Maybe there is a business interest waiting for you in Varna or the Black Sea.

• Owning a Property in Bulgaria. A truly unique, unspoilt, tranquil home for your future.

Territory110 993 square km

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The capital of Bulgaria boasts a large orthodox church,
a synagogue and a mosque, all on the same square.
This cultural co-existence reflects the genuine and
deep respect Bulgarians have for their history of
various cultural influences.
The motto of Sofia is ‘Ever growing, never old’
ReligionEastern Orthodox
GovernmentDemocratic Coalition Government
ClimateCold, usually snowy winters,
long hot summers,
mild autumn and spring

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Romania on the north, The Republic of
Macedonia and Serbia on the west,
Greece and Turkey on the south;
The Black Sea is Bulgaria’s
eastern border.
Main riversThe Danube, Maritsa, Strouma
Main MountainsThe Balkan Range,
(Rila its peak, Moussala, is the highest in
the Balkans)
The Rhodopes, Pirin, Vitosha
Time GMT + 2 hours
Cost of Living One litre bottle of mineral water: Lv 0.5
33cl bottle of beer: Lv 0.9
Financial Times newspaper: Lv 4
36 exposure colour film: Lv 8
City-centre bus ticket: Lv 0.4
Adult football ticket: Lv 5
Three course meal with wine/beer Lv 15
Bulgarian Lev (Lv1) = £0.44
Currency conversion rates as of November 2011

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Bulgaria is undergoing a transition from a centrally planned economy to a market one. Tourism and agriculture emerge as the main industries. Wine is Bulgaria’s biggest export. Over 90% of Bulgarian was never fertilised with non-organic fertiliser, hence the potential for organic-only farming. Bulgaria’s work force is well educated and not expensive to employ.
Politics Bulgaria is a constitutional republic.

Bulgaria became a member of the EU in 2007
Currency Lev = 100 stotinki (plural of Lev is Leva)
In 1997, the Lev was pegged to the Deutschemark at the value of 1 to 1. It is now pegged to the Euro at the same value as the Deutschemark, hence approximately 3 Leva to £1.00
Driving in Bulgaria

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We drive on the right! If you are entering Bulgaria by car you will need to carry documentation proving that you own the vehicle or that the owner has consented for you to drive it. You will also be expected to carry a certificate of insurance, as well as your valid international driving licence.
Rent-a-car services are available at the airports or via your hotel.
Schools Educational standards in Bulgaria are good, with 39 universities, 25 colleges
and over 450 secondary and technical schools throughout the country.
The learning of a foreign language is encouraged with English and German being the most popular.
Taxation Tax is payable in Bulgaria on income that is derived in Bulgaria.
The Personal Income Tax Act (PITA) details the rules covering residents and non-residents. More information on the Bulgarian tax laws can be obtained by visiting the Bulgarian Foreign Investment Agency’s website at: investbg.government.bg
Health issues

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The standard of care in Bulgarian hospitals is reasonable, but in rural areas there may be a lack of specialist equipment or treatment.
Although in some case emergency medical treatment in Bulgaria may be supplied free, you are likely to be charged for most medical expenses. It is therefore advisable to ensure that you have comprehensive travel insurance for the period you will be visiting Bulgaria. For longer term residency you should consider private medical insurance.
Starting a business If you are considering starting your own business in Bulgaria there are, of course, regulations and employment laws that have to be followed.
The Bulgarian Embassy website www.bulgarianembassy.org.uk has a business section and the Bulgarian Foreign Investment Agency’s website at: investbg.government.bg also has some useful information.
If you are hoping to find employment you will need a residents permit before being able to gain a work permit. Again the above websites contain detailed information.
Visa information

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Visits of up to 30 days:
Holders of UK passports do not require a visa in order to visit Bulgaria for a period of up to 30 days within each each period of six months.

Long-term visas:
or "D" type visa can be obtained from a Bulgarian Consular service in London.
This visa is for foreign nationals who intend to apply for a long-term or permanent residence in Bulgaria. Processing takes up to 30 days, and the cost is £87.00. Foreign national can obtain long-term or permanent residence in Bulgaria on several grounds. Investors with a business who employ more than 10 Bulgarians, and retired people with pensions are among this group. Certain provisions may apply if you have a business in the UK or elsewhere in the EU.
A comprehensive first-hand information on visa issues is available from the Consular Section of the Bulgarian Embassy in London or via their website www.bulgarianembassy.org.uk

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