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If you did not re-register your Bulgarian company
by the 31 December 2011
you now risk losing your
property and will face a
hefty bill for the liquidation
of your company.

Your Bulgarian company accounts must be audited each year. For advice on preparing accounts,
click here.
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Re-registering a Bulgarian company

Geshaview village in Bulgaria
Geshaview - the eco-friendly holiday village and rural retreat in Bulgaria
apartments 2 bed townhouses 3 bed townhouses 3 bed mews cottage 3 bed detached house cottage homes
from €100,000
2 bed townhouses
from €140,000
3 bed townhouses
from €182,000
Mews cottages
from €166,000
3 bed farmhouses
from €261,000
Cottage homes
from €128,000

For details on each of the properties click on the images above,
or for more information about the Geshaview village click here.
Mortgages are now available - click here for details

The Government HAVE NOT extended the deadline for company re-registration.

If you own property or land in Bulgaria through a registered company the Bulgarian government required that you re-registered the company by the 31 December 2011.

If you failed to re-register you now face the prospect of losing your company and its assets (property, land etc.) you will also incur a fine and will have to pay for the procedure to liquidate the company.

From the 1st January 2012 the Bulgarian government has frozen all Bulgarian companies that have not been re-registered. This means that you will be unable to carry out any transactions through the company’s bank account or sell the property or assets.

You now face the prospect of a large bill, and you will lose your property and the assets of your Bulgarian company. The company assets will be sold to pay the bill. You will also be charged for the process. Our understanding is that the Bulgarian government will use debt recovery companies in the UK to recover the full amount.

We are waiting to hear full details from the Government about the process of liquidation, and if there is a process for re-registering a Bulgarian company now the deadline has passed.

If you are concerned about the position of your Bulgarian company, please complete the form below and we will contact you about the liquidation process and how it will affect your company in Bulgaria.
You can also email us at: info@propertybulgaria.com.

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about the re-registering of your Bulgarian company.

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