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Hot water jets
(not cold air).
  Touch control hot water jets and lighting.   Strong 'Polybond' construction.   Soft, comfortable and eco-friendly.   Powerful hot water circulation and lights.   Clip fit, fully insulated heater pump.   Child safe, combination locking straps.   Technical information.
softub straps in place   connecting a softub   fill softub with water   test the spa water   relax in a softub   Softub lid in place   syphon out spa water   Rolling Softub indoors
Position the 2 locking straps and roll the Softub into place.   Connect the heater pump and fill with water.   Smooth out any wrinkles and when full switch on pump.   Add a small amount of chlorine and test the water.   Relax and enjoy your spa every day of the year.   After use, replace the lid and secure the locking straps.   To empty and move syphon water and disconnect pump.   Your Softub can be easily rolled to a new location.
Easily installed by one person in less than one hour
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softub technical points
number1Ozone and chlorine water purification make the
water safe and enjoyable.

number2L.E.D. lights making a Softub in darkness a
great experience.

number3Soft, safe, strong and comfortable

number4No need for specialised concrete base, place on any level surface. *Wooden surround not included.

number5Silent running 'Whisper' maintenance free heater pump and controls.

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